Organ Systems

The Element's Five Major Organ systems

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According to traditional Chinese medicine, the Liver is the organ that is most affected by excess stress/emotions. Express it, don’t hold it! Do things stress you easily? The liver system is also responsible for overall pains and aches in the body.


The heart system in Chinese medicine is very similar to the functions of the heart in Western medicine. However, the heart in Chinese medicine is also responsible for the mind. Any mental disorders can often be traced back to heart issues.


The spleen system in Chinese medicine is very different from the functions of the Spleen in Western medicine. Although the spleen has some blood related functions similar to Western medicine, it is the primary organ system responsible for digestion in Chinese medicine.


The lung system in Chinese medicine is similar to the Western medicine in that it is in charge of respiratory functions. However, the overall energy level of an individual is often related to the health of the lungs.


The kidney system is related to the water metabolism and excretion of liquid waste. However, in Chinese medicine, the kidneys is the main organ that sustains all the other organs and is also in charge of reproductive functions.